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We are Young Mavericks: experts in stimulating data-driven growth from talent and organizations. We pioneered a new start-up, and in a few years, we achieved skillful innovations in the field of data technology and developed talent to apply them. We reveal how an organization’s data, engineered to simplicity, works for them. From strategically defined objectives, diagnosing issues, preparing data and modeling, to the (technical) implementation and transfer: we guide customers from start to finish.

Data Science

  • BGT-Mutatiesignalering
  • Cargo Security Monitoring
  • Voorspelmodel vraag vrachtwagens

Data Engineering

  • Veiligheids Informatie Knooppunt (VIK)
  • Binnenvaart Datacloud
  • Snowflake Clouddatabase

Architecture research & advise

Data Science
Data Engineering
Architecture research & advise
Data Audits
Data Visualisation
Data Architecture
Data Strategy
Data Roadmap
Data Scrubbing
IT Security advies
Data Warehouse Management
Deep Learning
Deep Neural Network
Data Security projecten
Growth Hacking
Database Security
Predictive maintenance applicaties
IT implementatie
Data Integrity
Data Leakage
Digitale Visie
Digitale Strategie
AI ontwikkeling
Machine Learning ontwikkeling
API ontwikkeling
Platformisering projecten
Database Management
Data Flow Analysis
MVP ontwikkeling
Agile Development
IT Legacy projecten
Platform Development
Design Sprint
Digitale Roadmap ontwikkeling
Design Thinking
Cloud Development
Algoritme ontwikkeling
Artificial Intelligence
Business Intelligence advies
Data clustering
Computer Vision advies
Dashboard ontwikkeling
Data Architecture advies
Data opschonen
Data Engineering
Data Governance
Data integratie projecten
Data Integrity advies
Data Lake advies
Data Maturity Assessment
Data migratie advies
Data Mining
Data Operating Model
Data Platform
Data Privacy
Data Quality Management