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Ron van den Akker- 18 februari 2021 13:25



BitesWeLove is a subscription service for healthy snacks. The concept is launched in 2014 after the successful introduction of food subscription box FoodWeLove, and was nominated for several innovation awards. In order to grow the customer base of BitesWeLove, BLOOM was asked to test and evaluate different online marketing approaches by looking at the number of conversions and ratio between the customer lifetime value and customer acquisition costs. This resulted in a customer base increase of more than 25% and recommendations for future ROI positive marketing efforts.

BLOOM assisted us in our quest to structurally attract extra customers and grow our business. Based on BLOOM’s recommendations, in two months, two test-campaigns with over 10 different online marketing channels were put live, and results were tracked. BLOOM assisted us with every aspect, including creative content, project management, ad creation and budget allocation. With a data-driven approach BLOOM combined the expected return of channels with practical characteristics and limitations of every channel. The results allow us to focus on the channels that best suit our business and our (potential) clients. BLOOM’s thorough documentation and guidelines empowered us to roll out our marketing strategy for the coming year and grow our customer base.

– Marleen Basart, CEO & Founder BitesWeLove & FoodWeLove

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