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Way forward

8fit is a health and fitness app that helps its users get a healthier lifestyle by offering efficient workouts, customised meal plans, and self-care guidance. The app is available in six languages, operates worldwide, and has over 30 million downloads. The innovative company is based in the heart of European start-up culture: East Berlin.

To steer the rapid growth, 8fit wanted to follow a more data-driven approach. This is where BLOOM came in. Together with the management team, we defined the most important business KPIs and North Star metric. By determining how KPIs interact, we set targets for each metric and created new dashboards to act upon these metrics in the future. Subsequently, hypotheses on possible improvements were formulated and prioritised, with a focus on the marketing side. BLOOM validated these hypotheses based on extensive data analyses, thereby steering the marketing effort and improving the performance.

All of this was done in a period of five weeks, in which BLOOM intensively worked together with the management and the rest of the 8fit team. With the collected data insights, a solid foundation was laid to further grow 8fit in a data-driven way.

BLOOM brought a new level of confidence to our teams from the insights shared to the new dashboards created and the actionable recommendations for ongoing testing. Their expertise, proven methods, and highly collaborative way of working brought lasting value across multiple teams at 8fit.

– Lisette Fabian, co-CEO at 8fit

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