Ervaringen van eLstar Dynamics B.V. op het gebied van Most versatile switchable glass

eLstar Dynamics has developed the most versatile switchable glass: no discoloration, fast switching, affordable and with a very large operating range from 0.2% to beyond 50%. This allows users (such as real estate owners, automotive OEM's, architects etc) to develop cutting-edge applications with state-of-the-art switchable glass technology.

Glass producers

How does it work?

This short video-clip explains the principles of how our technology works. By compacting the pigments on the electrode, the transmission value goes up (it becomes transparent). By releasing the field, the particles start to float freely and the transmission level goes down.

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Automotive Industry

Automotive applications

With the ability to provide full privacy and almost complete blocking of light, we eliminate the reason for sun blind systems and mechanical parts in, for example, sunroofs.

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Most versatile switchable glass